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Silly Wizard Live - Land O' The Leal

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Song lyrics are included at the end of this description.This song was written by Lady Carolina Nairne of Perthshire, Scotland (1766-1845.)The video was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia on April 1, 1988. This song has always been one of my favorites, but this performance is even more touching to me now that Johnny has passed away. I hope that he has found his own land o' the leal.This song can also be found on Andy M. Stewart's CD "Man in the Moon."Silly Wizard members in this clip:Andy M. Stewart: lead vocals, tenor banjo, whistlePhil Cunningham: accordion, piano, synthesizers, whistle, cittern, vocalsJohn Cunningham: fiddle, vocalsGordon Jones: guitar, bodhran, vocalsMartin Hadden: bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, vocalsI'm wearin' awa, Jean,Like snaw-wreaths in thaw, JeanI'm wearin' awa' tae the Land o' the LealThere's nae sorrow there, Jean,There's neither cauld nor care, JeanThe day is aye fair in the Land o' the LealYe aye were leal and true, JeanYour task is ended noo, JeanAnd I'll welcome you tae the Land o' the LealOur bonnie bairn's there, JeanShe was baith guid and fair, JeanAnd oh, we grudged her sair, tae the Land o' the LealSo dry that tearful ee, Jean,My soul longs tae be free, JeanAnd angels wait on me in the Land o' the LealSo fare-thee-weel my ain Jean,This world's care is vain, JeanWe'll meet and aye be fain, in the Land o' the Leal
dangrock # 30 мая 2012 в 21:57 0
A really nice tune? well played, aside from the bad 80's keyboard and at times nasal singing.
stewart # 31 мая 2012 в 07:17 0
I respectfully refer you to Mr Gaughan's "No Gods and Precious? Few Heroes". (as this "Leal" nonsense is pish). And as for the "I nae can dry the ears in me ee" commentator...Get a grip!
aftermyb # 31 мая 2012 в 23:38 0
I nae can dry? the tears in me ee!
kingsdau # 1 июня 2012 в 23:03 0
Absolutely one? of my favorite vids!
428ghost # 5 июня 2012 в 04:21 0
Oddly enough, Johnny died of? a heart attack at 46 and is now in the land of cholesterol.
nayr497 # 6 июня 2012 в 06:14 0
Wow, never? even heard or heard of these lads. Awesome music! Thanks for sharing.
dairebor # 9 июня 2012 в 08:48 0
I love this song, I commented once before about my children that? are in the land of the leal, this song makes me cry at times, it makes me smile at times, it comforts me and it tortures me. I sing it when I am alone and especially when I'm drunk, which is often considering I have nothing to live for.
dairebor # 10 июня 2012 в 09:57 0
Whoever? the person was that disliked this video is anything but leal.
mystafai # 10 июня 2012 в 11:02 0
Dear Friends !!! Where to find the? DVD of this wonderful group. Please help ;)
arkybark # 12 июня 2012 в 22:56 0
Just discovered Silly Wizard myself a? few weeks ago, and this performance was in my hometown. Never knew they played there!
thezimmy # 18 июня 2012 в 00:39 0
Im Scottish To the Bone.!!And Ive Just Discovered Silly Wizard, Shame on Me !!Thank You So Much for postingSounds Like? I Missed The Boat on This Gem of a Band !! Im Away to Look for MORE...xx
eveyseda # 18 июня 2012 в 09:59 0
This? was written by my Great Great Great Grandmother! Thrilled to hear some of her works :) Thank you for posting!
korth23 # 18 июня 2012 в 11:37 0
Silly Wizard "Live Again" - the remastered, repackaged, complete CD of the band's "Live In America"? & "Golden,? Golden" LPs is out!!! Available only direct from the band at sillywizard.co.uk
korth23 # 19 июня 2012 в 12:20 0
Silly Wizard "Live Again" - the remastered, repackaged, complete CD of the band's "Live In America"? & "Golden, Golden" LPs is out!!! Available only direct from the band at sillywizard.co.uk?
justfore # 19 июня 2012 в 13:45 0
LOL, I hadn't expected that Andy Stewart was a comedian as well? as an excellent singer! Funny guy. And I really don't think they even planned most of that out.
dairebor # 20 июня 2012 в 02:05 0
I was fine until he said? his baby was there already. I have three in the land of the leal.
jimscarf # 20 июня 2012 в 14:56 0
Bless you for posting this and the other Silly Wizard videos. Of the 500 Celtic CDs I own, Live Wizardry is clearly the best. I have all the Silly Wizard CDs, all the Andy M. Stewart CDs, and seen Andy, Phil and Johnny probably a dozen times. Andy's voice still gives me chills. Nobody? else since has been as magical as Silly Wizard.
mskwwf # 23 июня 2012 в 11:22 0
This is wonderful to see and hear. This summer while visiting Scotland I was privileged to hear Andy Steward perform? at a private concert, apparently his first one in a long time, and this was one of the songs he sang. Apparently he had such a good time at the concert that he is planning to resume his singing career. I hope so.
nathan # 26 июня 2012 в 04:14 0
I've seen and met Andy a couple of times. He's a very nice man, funny as hell, and knows how to give you chills with a haunting song....chills like I'm having? right now.
biologyf # 26 июня 2012 в 21:57 0
i was trying to? listen to this while studying in the library, but i'm forced to stop cause i'm going into hysterics!!!
jehouse # 29 июня 2012 в 01:24 0
Wow,? I was at this show.
dasheara # 30 июня 2012 в 12:38 0
What an absolutely fantastic fiddler Johnny was. And? what a brilliant band of tallent!
laurentz # 2 июля 2012 в 14:47 0
Verry? beautiful song !
semaj125 # 7 июля 2012 в 02:31 0
God bless Johnny, and the? rest of the boys.
dasheara # 11 июля 2012 в 06:05 0
Don't know if unibomber63 really is Jonny's brother but? you should all check out"Phil y Johnny Cunningham (7/9)" and see just how much tallent these brothers possessed.
alextiri # 11 июля 2012 в 07:17 0
With love ' n emotion, for Silly Wizard? from Rome!
phaphout # 14 июля 2012 в 01:35 0
thanx & slanje (forgive if I misspell)( also for the Irish) but I love everything Gaelic so it seems my soul for reasons unknown to my body, Mother &? God Almighty must be Celtic. Maybe all souls are?82-86 I`ve been studying in Brittany well...
littlemo # 14 июля 2012 в 21:04 0
beautiful sad song - love it!?
gill # 17 июля 2012 в 17:18 0
This song is a traditional Jacobite song by Caroline Oliphant (Lady Nairne) . The land of the ' leal' means The land of the '? loyal' . Silly Wizard are silly indeed.
gaconnoc # 28 июля 2012 в 00:21 0
"This song is a traditional Jacobite song" I don't think it has anything to do with the Jacobites and nothing in the lyric suggests it would be. She was seemingly deeply moved by the death of her friends only daughter and wrote this? song. In the song one partner is dying and tells the other to not worry as they will soon see their long since deceased daughter in heaven - and of course sometime in the future they will see also them again in heaven too. It is about love and death
joeygsmo # 28 июля 2012 в 05:33 0
great song! Have to ask, do you have that one called "Parish of Dunkeld"? I believe is the title? thanks
celtilos # 2 августа 2012 в 21:09 0
farewell johnny? r.i.p.
cacacaco # 4 августа 2012 в 01:52 0
Oh dear, I'd give gold to find a copy of this... It seems to be out of stock everywhere. So sad. I love the videos you've uploaded, mate. I really apreciate. They're not only brilliant musicians, they're also hilarious! How I'd wish I could? watch the entire thing... Anyway, thanks again!
cacacaco # 4 августа 2012 в 11:44 0
God, John? was a legend.
pees72 # 8 августа 2012 в 11:21 0
I thank the Goddess for letting us have Johnny for as long as we did. She? is laughing with him now. So great to hear him joke and watch him smile. Peace and love.
poitincz # 10 августа 2012 в 11:51 0
first you cry with laughter, then you cry? with the beauty...stunning.
t4texas # 10 августа 2012 в 13:09 0
They were such a great band! I saw them play in Austin at the Cactus Cafe on this tour... just fantastic! Thanks for posting these, NoRefillsLeft! I would love to see one of these concerts released on DVD.I saw Andy with Gerry O'Beirne at? the Cactus 9 years ago. Good folk! (First saw Johnny solo in '83)
funnylit # 14 августа 2012 в 20:54 0
Heartbreakingly beautiful. I find it hard to listen? without weeping.
lindsayc # 15 августа 2012 в 10:11 0
God love? Johnny, Andy - The Silly Wizards - & NoRefillsLeft - for posting! These 1988 Atlanta Georgia Concert live vids are dazzling gems not just for.the hauntingly lovely music - the introductory banter: PRICELESS! Thank you -
norefill # 16 августа 2012 в 14:15 0
You're? very welcome. :)
poodlepu # 19 августа 2012 в 13:54 0
Please please please? consider posting more. The Banks of the Bann is my favorite video on YouTube, and the DVD's not being reissued! I play these all the time.
musiclov # 20 августа 2012 в 14:04 0
Thanks for posting this. I was at this concert -- 1st row. I was 21. You can find this song? also on Andy M. Stewart's solo record: Man In The Moon.
scienceg # 21 августа 2012 в 05:38 0
This has been a favorite song of mine since 1963 when I heard it on Alex Campbell's LP he Best Loved Songs of Bonnie Scotland.I sang it at my kid brother's memorial service, along with Taps.It's said that? Lady Nairne wrote this for a berieved friend , and I'm sure it's so. A dirge that still manages to celebrate life.
ealasaid # 22 августа 2012 в 01:20 0
"Cigaretts and fried breakfasts are still good for you!" Fuck it sounds like my family...if its not fried or full of fat you'll just fade? away and die.
burningb # 23 августа 2012 в 11:26 0
Jeez, i can't into English. Anyways, i enjoyed watching at? them. They're my faggotry.
david # 29 августа 2012 в 16:32 0
Johnny? is such a loss.
ysplse # 29 августа 2012 в 19:34 0
I love this song.? Nice to hear it here by Silly Wizard a great band.I'd only heard it before by 5 Hand Reel on one of their albums.
tim # 30 августа 2012 в 00:07 0
nothing has captured johnny as well as this video, both as an artist and as the truely witty, son of gael that was? johnny, you still make me laugh brother.
norefill # 30 августа 2012 в 22:24 0
10,000 views! ? January 7, 2010 - 1:00 p.m. Thanks all for watching. :)
lescot20 # 31 августа 2012 в 18:47 0
excellent .. thanks to see the Wizzard? .. and ... Johnny .. so ,, nice ... merci
lakeaker # 2 сентября 2012 в 17:22 0
Thanks for these Silly Wizard films. Even? though I'm an effete sassenach their music never fails to move me. Leaves me with a yearning for I know not what.
pastraac # 6 сентября 2012 в 11:30 0
I love this song p.Q?
rodneysc # 7 сентября 2012 в 01:15 0
This concert performance was shown on PBS. Maybe we can get them to play it again instead of? some of the thuck shows they play over and over.
stat1791 # 9 сентября 2012 в 22:47 0
Oh, Johnny, I miss you so much, you wonderful talented, sweet man.?
stat1791 # 10 сентября 2012 в 19:31 0
Oh, my. I have this concert on? a VCR tao...I love it so much andi t hurts me so that Johnny is no longer with us, Silly Wizard was an amazing band,
powdergi # 12 сентября 2012 в 12:28 0
Does Johnny have his theme song yet? Dedicated to? his memory?
omswaney # 16 сентября 2012 в 19:03 0
Cannot tell you how much I love this song. When the fiddle comes in - takes my breath away. Sublime? is the right word. It makes me cry though!
hanuuesh # 18 сентября 2012 в 08:54 0
LOL Shamu? :D
nsrespon # 18 сентября 2012 в 10:23 0
That is just? sublime. What a great performance of a beautiful song.-jcr
dasadope # 20 сентября 2012 в 18:05 0
marcosba # 21 сентября 2012 в 20:50 0
great band -finest? folk from all time.thanks for posting -chears from Cantabria - Spain-
catherde # 23 сентября 2012 в 21:28 0
I was at this concert when it? was filmed.
stat1791 # 23 сентября 2012 в 22:50 0
I am so, so envious, I love? this band so much it 's painful. I have this concert on VCR tape and it;s a longtime favorite.
uniroyal # 25 сентября 2012 в 15:27 0
Thank you for sharing.This is the song I wish for my own? funeral.
daughter # 26 сентября 2012 в 11:18 0
shamu - haha oh wow.? that was funny.these guys are sweet :)
jennysf # 26 сентября 2012 в 12:30 0
Thank you so much? for sharing!!! Amazing...
lapsangl # 2 октября 2012 в 16:23 0
ejhv # 8 октября 2012 в 05:30 0
I really,? really miss John Cunningham...
stat1791 # 9 октября 2012 в 01:37 0
I miss him, too, Such a gentle, talented,? funny man,
list55 # 14 октября 2012 в 11:19 0
this version comes across? as very sweet and honest and the chord changes are interesting than Five Hand Reel's version, but al in all Five Hand Reel's version is tops. anyone got it?
suzytsuz # 15 октября 2012 в 00:14 0
Thank you so much for sharing this. For me, Andy Stewart's voice is bound with 'Skye'. Everytime we go there, I put Silly Wizard on? the dvd player in the car - and it's our background music for the holiday. I adore Skye, and I adore Andy Stewart's voice: sublime!
stat1791 # 22 октября 2012 в 06:57 0
Andy M.? Stewat's voice is one of those things that marks the best of times.
duncanfi # 22 октября 2012 в 08:37 0
its a leal whale? XD
stat1791 # 24 октября 2012 в 13:21 0
Oh, I? miss Johnny SO MUCH.
slightly # 30 октября 2012 в 12:39 0
Unfortunately, I did not discover Silly Wizard? until they were about to break up. This is the first time I have heard this gorgeous song. Thank you so much for posting it.
norefill # 31 октября 2012 в 11:26 0
This song is? on Andy M. Stewart's CD "Man In The Moon," which is a wonderful album. One of the songs, the title track, is here on YouTube - you should check it out. The CD is still in print and available on Amazon. :)
powdergi # 3 ноября 2012 в 21:33 0
I love Silly wizard and Andy Stewart! Thank you so very much for sharing this!! Were you? there?!? Have you any more? Thanks again!!
norefill # 5 ноября 2012 в 01:56 0
No, I wasn't there, wish I was, but at least they made a great video.I have the entire concert on video, but (a) hesitate to post more due to ye auld copyright issues, and (b) my computer broke. :) Also, I really do my best to respect the rights of artists to collect their royalties. ? I hope these 3 clips are sort of a "trailer" for their music. :DThe video has been out of print for years and I can't find any to buy. Hopefully the band members will get this show out on DVD some day.
cybermax # 11 ноября 2012 в 12:54 0
delirus4 # 12 ноября 2012 в 20:16 0
Thanks for these vids 8) I've been a Silly Wizard fan for longer than? I can remember, but I've never seen them live until now.
kuschelc # 15 ноября 2012 в 07:03 0
Thanks a lot for? posting!!!Da bekomm ich immer noch G?nsehaut. Still get goosebumps.
alba4232 # 15 ноября 2012 в 08:16 0
ich stimme dir zu? es ist wunderschoen!
swingind # 16 ноября 2012 в 14:40 0
Shamu ... God Almighty. *wipes the tears away* Thank God for Johnny? C. And thanks for these clips, mate - we need more Silly Wizard on YouTube! :)